The Ivanhoe Community Garden is a collaboration between the Cultivating Ivanhoe Community Group, a sub group of the church, and Transition Banyule.

The Ivanhoe Uniting Church provided land adjacent to the Ivanhoe Uniting Church Tennis Courts in Tate Street for the project.

In September 2011 the space was converted from vacant land covered in grass, weeds and suckers, to a thriving community garden shared by 20 families.

At present there are 10 plots 2.x 4 m2 and 5 smaller plots (2 x 2 m2).  More plots will be developed as more people become involved in the garden.

An exciting project is the development of a food forest at the garden.  The forest includes plums, feijoa, nectarines, peaches, beans, apple, pepino, yukon, companion plants and herbs.

Future plans for the site include a free-standing pergola and wood-fired barbecue.


1 Response to About

  1. NDM UK says:

    Excellent idea and looks fantastic, there surely must be a ‘Good Life’ influence from the rainy shores of England 😉

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